Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Saturday last was another proud day for Tramore and indeed Waterford soccer when Derrick Williams made his first appearance in the English Premier League for Aston Villa against QPR when he entered the fray at Loftus Road on 67 minutes in place of Chris Herd.

Speaking on his way back from London after coming on for the final 23 minutes of Aston Villa’s 1-1 draw with QPR at Loftus Road, Derrick Williams said, “It’s a great day for me to play in the Premier League but I wouldn’t have achieved this without the support of the people of Tramore AFC and to hear of this news after the game on Saturday at Loftus Road leaves me in shock.

“I’m appalled that people would do this to the men that run the club because they do great work. I suppose these people are strong men and I’m sure they’ll continue to ensure that young lads will play football.

On playing in the Premier League, Williams said, “It’s what every player dreams of and I’m absolutely delighted to have gotten the opportunity.  I’m delighted about how I played when I came on and I felt comfortable with the pace of the game. To get this experience is just unbelievable.”


There was also huge pride and delight amongst Derrick’s former club-mates in Tramore, including Paul Power. “To get a player to play in the Premier League in England and especially with Aston Villa was without doubt a tremendous honour for the club and we’re very proud of this achievement for Derrick Williams.

“He is a lovely chap and highly rated by the folk in Villa Park and we’re absolutely over the moon that he has gotten the opportunity to play at the highest level.

“I know that we’re all hurt about what happened but at the end of the day, we’re about football and this is a great occasion for our club. I’m delighted for his mother, his brother and sister that have seen Derrick play in the Premiership in England.

“I know that a lot of his former teammates are delighted for him. It’s great and although he was always in the squad, to get the chance to grace the Premier division in England in every young players dream.

“Tom Browne came to me what seems like an eternity ago about a left sided player for the Kennedy Cup and straight away I told about Derrick. From an early age, it was clear that Derrick was a special player and playing out of his age for three years at the Kennedy cup was fantastic. He has put in the effort and I’m sure he is a delighted young man after his first debut at Loftus Road against QPR.

“He was meant to be going out on loan recently but Aston Villa kept with him and thankfully he has gotten his chance. Hopefully now it will be the first of many and that he continues to fly the Tramore flag proudly across the water,” concluded Tramore’s Paul Power.

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By Adrian Flanagan
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