Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OVER 40 people largely made up of African communities from Waterford and across Ireland gathered in protest outside Waterford Court House on Wednesday last.
The crowd were protesting the decision of the Family Court to allow four children that come from a non national family living in Waterford to be placed into full care of the HSE.
Three of the children were placed into full care of the HSE previously and a baby was taken into care more recently because of a number of contested allegations made against the parents.
Abdullahi Akeel Ahmed secretary of Nigerian community said, “We are here in solidarity with the parents who the children were taken away from. We are here in mass to tell the Government and the authorities concerned that this issue should not have been treated the way it has been treated.”
He said, “It will have a serious and degrading effect on the African community here and if we refuse to stand up for one of ours only heaven knows what will come tomorrow.”
A woman called Abieyudua came in support of the family. She said, “I believe what the HSE is doing is very disgraceful. I cannot really understand why they would take children from their parents. We want justice. What would be good from the HSE would be to return the children back to their parents”
She said, “We Africans we train our children we don’t abuse them. We train them for a better future and to become important people. This lady involved is a lovely and beautiful woman, she cares for the children, she loves them and she gives them the best in life.”
A Waterford woman Julianne Phelan said, “I came down to support them really. The Irish community wouldn’t accept it and I don’t see why they should accept it. They are treating the children like they are material things, but they are humans. I don’t agree we should be taking children away from their parents.”

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By Claire Quinn
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