Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The mayor of Dublin says the capital is taking steps to become a “bully-free city”.

Mícheál MacDonncha made the prediction as it was confirmed this morning that Dublin City University will host next year’s World Anti-Bullying Forum.

The organisers say teachers and young people will be able to attend the international event, and learn about the latest initiatives to tackle bullying.

James O’Higgins Norman is director of the National Anti-Bullying Centre at DCU.

He thinks education can help create a bully-free environment.

“A lot of the time bullying can be related to a lack of understanding for diversity for example and sometimes some people feel uncomfortable with change and with difference and if you educate people around that the bullying and victimisation is reduced,” said Mr O’Higgins Norman.

He says while online bullying is a problem, it usually starts offline.

“There is significant dangers there but I wouldn’t say the most danger,” Mr O’Higgins Norman explained.

“The vast majority of bullying is still face-to-face traditional fashioned bullying – we know that from our research.

“A lot of the time now that bullying behaviour will spill into online environments and sometimes what starts online will spill into the real world.”

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