Friday, December 01, 2017

The bulk of people find gardaí friendly and helpful, but most people do not believe the organisation is being well managed, writes Cormac O’Keeffe, Security Correspondent.

The latest Garda Public Attitudes Survey found a 5% increase (to 55%) in the number of people who believe gardaí are “effective in tackling crime” and a 1% increase in the number of people who believe the force is “community focused” (to 63%) and “modern and progressive” (58%).

Comparing Quarter 3 2017, with Q3 in 2016, the survey shows that 84% of people find gardaí “friendly or helpful”, down from 87% in Q3 2016.

Reflecting the various crises hitting the organisation, just 36% believed the organisation was “well managed”, compared to 41% in Q3 2016.

The survey recorded a drop in the number of people who said they were victims of crime, from 7.8% to 6.7%.

However, there was a significant fall in the satisfaction rate among victims in gardaí who reported their crimes, from 64% to 50%.

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