Thursday, August 10, 2017

Amber Davis is out and about in Galway this weekend.

The Love Island winner is on our shores doing some PR bits with MotelRocks and last night she made an appearance at Galway nightclub, Carbon.

You won’t catch her boyfriend and fellow Love Island winner walking Shop street in the next few days though as it’s strictly a girls weekend.

Amber’s career has taken off since she left the villa.

Along with the rest of the Love Island cast, she’s raking in the money doing personal appearances and landing herself a clothing brand deal.

From Monday August 28 to Friday September 1 she, along with Kem, will be guest hosting the showbiz and entertainment slot on Good Morning Britain.

Earlier this week, Kem got into hot water when he tweeted about his appearance in Bangor in Belfast.

The initial tweet, which has since been deleted, he announced he was on his way to the Co Antrim city with a tri-colour emojii.

Let’s just say, people were not happy.

Still confused, the reality star thought that maybe he used the Ivory coast flag by mistake.

*Monkey covers eyes emojii*

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