Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The number of tourists coming to Ireland has increased, despite a Brexit backlash.

182,000 more people are coming to Ireland in the first half of the year with 22% more Americans visiting the country.

The number of UK visitors is likely to fall by more than 100,000 this year based on CSO figures.

There has also been a 6.4% decrease in visitors from the UK, which is Ireland’s largest visitor market, despite more British people travelling abroad.

Tourism Ireland CEO, Niall Gibbons, said, “Ireland was always the one that was more likely to be hit hardest because we’re nearest to the UK and we’re more dependant on it than most other european countries.”

Data shows that Americans spend more in Ireland, so the damage to tourism despite the drop in British travelers probably will not be felt too keenly.

Tourism Minister Shane Ross says he will look for more money in the upcoming budget.

“We will be looking for increased marketing money, we will be looking at substantial amounts, particularly in what happened in the light of Brexit,” he said.

Tourism Ireland say the overall boost in numbers is partly down to shows like Game of Thrones and Star Wars, which showcase the scenic beauty of the country.

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