Thursday, March 23, 2017

GOVERNMENT inaction in the Bus Éireann dispute which has now evolved into an all-out strike by drivers from midnight tonight, has been slammed by a Waterford TD.

Sinn Féin Deputy David Cullinane said:“Minister Shane Ross has sat on his hands throughout this entire ordeal. The Government have ignored any opportunity to make an intervention in this dispute and now the country faces an all-out strike.

“Thousands of people across the country now face chaos as people are potentially left without any access to places of employment, education, and healthcare.”

He said the management of Bus Éireann, having refused alternatives such as to consider re-profiling some of their commercial routes to PSO routes, must also take responsibility. “They seemed content from the outset to force wholly unreasonable cuts onto drivers who were asked to bear too much of the burden.

“The Minister can be a passenger no longer. He must force the issue and protect both the rights of the drivers and the access to public transport for citizens. Public transport is one of the provisions of government and the Minister and his Government must realise that,” Deputy Cullinane said.

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